The Scientific Production Enterprise"Tarot" is based on October 4, 2000.

The main activity of enterprise development and mass production and sale of rechargeable lanterns series "Universal".
Pleased to note - Just 14 years of work on the Ukrainian market - the company has established itself as a manufacturer of competitive and exclusive products.
This is confirmed by the fact that the enterprise was awarded the medal "Industry Leader" and a national certificate which confirms that as a result of ranking among the 300 000 companies of Ukraine, according to official statistics, the State authorities, LLC "Tarot" took 44 seats in Ukraine.
2009 - the company was awarded the Order of the Star of Ukraine's economy. " In the manufacture of our products,l property of our company.
2010 - the company LLC "Tarot" was certified ISO 90001-2008 SCOPE OF SUPPLY.
2011 - Oxford (England), diplom of the best products in the field of energy in Ukraine
2013 - was awarded the medal "Industry Leader 2013"
"CONVENIENCE! RELIABILITY! QUALITY!" manufactured products, has allowed companies to become the official supplier of the State Administration of Railway Transport "Ukrzaliznytsya".
Years of experience has allowed to generate a large customer base:
Enterprise largest companies - Metinvest and DTEK.
Poltava GOK and the North, etc.
"Donetskstal ", "OJSC" Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant
OJSC "Ilyich Iron and Steel Works" etc.
Combined heat and power:
JSC Donbassenergo CE Slavic TES, Inc. Zakhidenergo Ladyzhenskaya TES, Inc. ARC CHP, etc.
Housing and communal services: MP Makeevteploset, DCT Lutskteplo, JC Kharkivoblenergo.
And other large industrial structures.
Rechargeable lanterns - it is a necessary equipment in many situations.
Lantern battery "Universal" is designed to provide reliable coverage in the absence of stationary electricity
Launched a project release lanterns "Universal": "Wayfarer - 1" and "Wayfarer - 2", where the mass buyer offered a lantern with a
expanded base configuration. Rechargeable lanterns series Viator apply in all areas of the economy, as well as private individuals for fishing, hunting and tourism. With the great popularity enjoyed by our lights for motorists and truckers, as they can be charged from the onboard vehicle network.
Current production LLC "Tarot" is subjected to careful monitoring, its high specifications ensure longevity of the lantern. In addition, it is simple and easy to maintain and use. Developers providedthe most complete equipment accessories.
The company carries out warranty and after sales service.
All products are certified UkrSEPRO TC U 31.5-31150598-001:2010.
Tarot-new business ideas!
Mission - "COMFORT, RELIABILITY, QUALITY" - creates a completely new approach to the consumer. Saving time and money spent on product search - We appreciate it! Care about the consumer. Purpose - to provide every home, family and businesses, affordable and safe product. Mission - "COMFORT, RELIABILITY, QUALITY" - creates a completely new approach to the consumer.
We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with you.

Guided by the motto and changing traditions
An old friend is better - two new ones!

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